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Insights Care Magazine research team featured Novotech CRO in the May 2019 cover story “The 10 Companies Booming in Healthcare Sector”. 


Novotech named a finalist in the 2017 Premier’s NSW Export Awards

Novotech has been named as a finalist in the Health and Biotechnology category of the upcoming 2017 Premier’s New South Wales Export Awards. 

“Novotech has had a terrific year of growth providing Australian clinical trial services to...


BioSpectrum Asia: Australia - A thriving lifescience hub with a global reach

In an interview with BioSpectrum Asia, Novotech CEO Dr John Moller provides his thoughts on the state of Australia's medical technologies, biotechnology and pharmaceutical (MTP) sector. ...


Novotech Update: China implements 5 key changes to accelerate clinical trial and drug approval timelines

With patients in China having to wait a minimum of six years to access medications already approved in Western markets, the combination of increasing disease burden and limited access to proven medication has resulted in growing pressure on the...


BioSpectrum India: Novotech remains very optimistic about the future of clinical trials in India

The Indian CRO market has undoubtedly contracted over the last few years following activity after the 2012 Supreme Court petition by the NGO Swasthya Adhikar Manch.

Since then the Indian government has worked...


Novotech wins ‘Australian Exporter of The Year’ at the India Australia Business Community Awards

Novotech has been awarded ‘Australian Exporter of The Year’ the 2017 Indian Australia Business Community (IABCA) Awards. 

India is a key market for Novotech, with the company first establishing its office in Bangalore in 2008. 



Novotech Update: Taiwan simplifies its First In Human regulatory process, reducing timelines by up to 3 months

The Taiwanese Ministry for Health and Welfare Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) recently announced it has simplified its First In Human (FIH) regulatory approval process; with the revised process reducing timelines from 120 days to just 30...


Novotech Update: EMA releases addendum to ICH Guidelines, highlighting importance of considering treatment effects when planning clinical trials

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) recently released an addendum regarding International Conference for Harmonisation’s Guidelines on statistical principles for clinical trials (ICH E9) – with the addendum highlighting the importance of...


Outsourcing Clinical Trial South California 2017: Regulatory change is increasing Asia’s attractiveness as a clinical trial destination

At this year’s Outsourcing Clinical Trial South California 2017, Novotech Director Mr Barry Murphy presented an overview of recent regulatory changes in Asia, highlighting the resulting unique clinical trial benefits available within the region,...


Accelerating Clinical Trials in Asia 2017: Changes to Asia’s regulatory environment increasing its attractiveness as a clinical trial destination

Presenting at this year’s Accelerating Clinical Trials in Asia 2017, Novotech CRO Executive Director Dr Yooni Kim presented an overview of recent regulatory change in Asia and discussed its resulting impact on clinical trial management and...


Novotech Update: Three clinical trial and regulatory updates you need to know for your next clinical trial

FDA agrees to IRB Waivers for Minimal Risk Studies 
The FDA recently issued new guidance ...