New Zealand

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Fast Facts

New Zealand is an island nation in the South Western Pacific with a high standard of living and world-class health care and research facilities.

  • A mix of ethnic groups (with many people identifying with more than one group) including:
    • European/Other: 75%
    • Maori: 15%
    • Pacific Islander: 7%
    • Asian: 12%
  • 90% of New Zealand residents report good access to primary health care
  • Strong history of medical research innovation and excellence
  • High regulatory and ethical standards
  • English is the primary language.

Health Trends

Although NZ residents have good access to quality health care, an aging population has seen an increase in the prevalence of lifestyle and age-related diseases. There is also an increasing rate of obesity (30% in all adults, 68% in Pacific Islanders) in both adults and children.

High prevalence diseases include:

  • Ischemic Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Common mental disorders.

Clinical Trial Landscape

New Zealand has a prestigious reputation in medical research, producing internationally acclaimed researchers and innovations. There is a strong commitment to research of a high standard within the health sector.

Clinical trials are run by internationally accepted GCP standards and monitored by HDEC and Medsafe bodies.

Medsafe approves all clinical trials of new medicines in NZ according to section 30 of Medicines Act 1981.

Health and Disability Ethics Committees (HDEC) – administer the conduct of clinical trials in NZ.

The average timeline for regulatory and IRB approval is ~2-3 months.

Market Snapshot

4.4 million people

71% reside in urban centers

99% literacy rate

New Zealand population age breakdown for pharma companies thinking of using a clinical research organization
  • Novotech opened its first New Zealand contract research organization (CRO) office in 2002

Why choose New Zealand for clinical research?

There are many compelling reasons to consider contract research organizations in New Zealand for your clinical research:

  • Fast trial approvals – reviews within 35 days or 15 days for expedited reviews
  • Eight teaching and research hospitals
  • Two phase I centers for first-in-man studies
  • Four regional IECs that meet monthly
  • Government restrictions on funding new medicines make clinical trials an attractive option for physicians and patients to access treatment
  • Off-season recruitment potential to northern hemisphere.