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Novotech is a leading CRO in the Asia-Pacific region, with offices in 13 locations, across 11 countries. Our network of local operations provides direct access to the most dynamic and cost effective clinical research hubs across the Asia Pacific.

Asia Pacific - the new frontier for clinical research

As the globalization of clinical research gathers pace, the Asia Pacific region has emerged as the most exciting frontier for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical research in. In a recent Novotech survey of executives from biopharmaceutical companies, 98% of respondents said they would consider the Asia Pacific region for future clinical trials.

Home to 55% of the world’s population, Asia Pacific’s popularity for clinical research and development has been fueled by four key factors:

  1. Cost-effectiveness and time efficiencies afforded by large populations, significant numbers of treatment naïve patients and high urban densities
  2. A wide range of chronic and lifestyle disease patterns driven by rising prosperity and aging populations
  3. Increasingly robust and efficient regulatory and ethics processes
  4. Quality improvements resulting from massive investments in research infrastructure and human resources.

However, as attractive as the Asia Pacific may be, navigating the maze of trial logistics, local regulations and cultural differences can present major challenges.

To conduct clinical research in the Asia Pacific, you’ll need a partner with the local knowledge and people. Only clinical research organizations that actually specialize in the Asia-Pacific region can make your trial a success.

Novotech: Your Asia Pacific CRO

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia and with a footprint stretching from New Zealand to India - Novotech is a Contact Research Organization that is uniquely embedded in the Asia Pacific region. With highly skilled, English speaking staff in a network of offices in 12 countries around the region, our end-to-end seamless CRO service has been designed specifically to facilitate success for sponsors with little or no presence on the ground.

Experience where it counts

Novotech has over 19 years of experience and an impressive track record as the CRO for complex international registration trials with sites in Asia Pacific locations, giving us a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies and sensitivities involved in managing trials in this region. We know the regulatory requirements and associated challenges for each market, and our local Project Managers and CRAs are among the best credentialed in the industry.

graph showing growth in clinical trial activity opportunity for clinical research organizations CROs

Asia Pacific is the fastest growing clinical trial region on the planet with the largest untapped pool of sites, investigators and patients.


More patients, more quickly

Our service model is geared to help sponsors expedite clinical development programs by taking advantage of the Asia Pacific region’s diverse population base.  We can access a broad mix of highly developed countries (like Singapore and South Korea) and emerging markets (like India and the Philippines) to recruit patients faster so you can complete your clinical programs and get to market sooner.

With more than 85% of our sponsors based in North America and Europe, Novotech is an ideal CRO partner for any biotechnology or pharmaceutical company looking to leverage Asia Pacific’s advantages for clinical research.