Malaysian Map Area
  • Multiethnic Asian population
  • Streamlined regulatory system and Strong government support
  • Quick start-up timelines
  • Low patient costs and IRB fees

Malaysia, with a population of 31.9 million, features a large and diverse multiethnic population including Malay, Chinese and Indian. Most live in urban areas that are well served by medical facilities.
The country has a highly-regarded health care system and life expectancy/infant mortality rates are comparable with the US and European countries.
Bahasa Malaysia is the official language; but English, Chinese and other dialects are widely used.
Malaysian healthcare is divided into private and public sectors and boasts advanced technological infrastructure and strong government support for the clinical research sector.
With its improved standards of living, Malaysia is now seeing a higher incidence of lifestyle diseases, along with communicable diseases in rural or disadvantaged areas.
Novotech has established strong clinical teams in Malaysia with deep local knowledge to deliver quality CRO services to biotechnology companies. In addition, it has partnered with key specialist hospital and research facilities including Clinical Research Malaysia as part of its Partner Program, giving Novotech clients direct access to the most active and reputable KOLs, PIs and sites to facilitate study start-up and patient recruitment.
Clinical trials are regulated by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB)  and reviewed by IRBs, including the Medical Research & Ethics Committee (MREC) for trials using Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia facilities; or local IRBs for non-MOH facilities.
Key features of the Malaysian clinical trial landscape include streamlined submission and regulatory processes (in English), quick start-up times, a strong network of experienced KOLs and PIs, and supportive Government policies – all of which have made Malaysia a preferred clinical trial destination.


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