Novotech's most valued asset is its employees.

We are committed to providing ongoing professional development training, a competitive bonus structure, a supportive work environment, variety in their role, and the opportunity for career development and advancement across all areas of the organisation to our employees. Our commitment to career development and advancement is only possible because our employees, managers, and leaders work together to grow as a team.

Career Progression

We are proud to support our employees' career advancement by offering fully structured career pathways, development programs, and internal opportunities. Our team members can advance beyond their job-specific skills with a comprehensive learning and development program. All team members are empowered and supported to take ownership of their development and career progression, thanks to a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) and career planning resources. Novotech values local knowledge and experience and supports the career development of all employees by developing personalised career paths to advance career trajectory within a similar line of work or in a different company department.

  • CRA Career Pathway

    As a Clinical Research Associate (CRA), you'll conduct clinical trials to evaluate drugs' efficacy, risks, and benefits before releasing them to the public. Our CRA Career Pathway will support you from the CRAI Essentials Program to independent monitoring in the CRAII Fast-Track program to SCRA and beyond.

    Our internal Clinical Trainers are here to support your career growth and development goals.

  • Biometrics – SAS Trainee Program Career Pathway

    Novotech's SAS Training Program consists of four major components: experiential learning, skill development, teamwork, and leadership development. You will work on real-world projects alongside experienced professionals.

    Throughout your training at Novotech, you will participate in a variety of learning experiences aimed at broadening your skills and increasing your business understanding.

  • aPM Career Pathway

    The Associate Project Manager (APM) training program prepares Colleuges for a career as Project Managers. During this course, you will learn how to use specialized knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools to successfully complete a project. Understanding the role of a project manager prepares you to work as an associate project manager, where you can gain the experience and skills needed to advance to a more senior position.

    As a Novotech APM, you will help to shape our company's reputation as a highly regarded CRO. You will be part of a growing team as a result of our continued success in securing new studies.

  • Ambassador program

    Novotech understands the value of local knowledge and experience, and how it is enhanced when shared across our regional teams. Our Novotech Ambassadors are supported to work on secondment for 3-12 months in a different country, office or team to further their professional development and career growth.

    The Novotech Ambassador Programme encourages, facilitates and improves inter-office and inter-department collaborations and information sharing, in turn contributing to a progressive company culture.