Beware of Recruitment Scams targeting jobseekers

Novotech has been made aware of scams and instances of fraud across the recruitment sector posing as our Novotech Recruitment team.  These scams are aimed to trick you into handing over your personal information or money by offering you a ‘guaranteed’ high-paying job for little effort.  

Warning signs: how to spot a job or employment scam

  • You come across an advertisement, receive an email, SMS or WhatsApp message, letter or phone call offering you a guaranteed income or job.
  • A scammer claiming to be from Novotech’s recruitment team contacts you on a social media or a job board platform.  The scammer asks you to provide personal details, a fee for more information about the job, or sends you money to purchase start-up materials, which may be a method of money laundering.
  • Warning signs include a suspicious profile image, lack of genuine profile information, or contact details.
  • If in doubt, ask the individual to send you an email from their Novotech email address.  An email from a Novotech recruitment consultant will only ever be sent from the official Novotech domain
  • Novotech only conducts recruitment interviews and business meetings from our corporate video conferencing platform which will only ever be sent via email from the official Novotech domain

Please note Novotech will never ask a candidate for any form of direct payment or to purchase IT equipment on our behalf and all email correspondence from Novotech will be sent from the official Novotech domain

If you suspect you have been targeted by a recruitment scam, please report it to your local Cyber Security body.

In the USA - FBI, Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

In the UK - The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

In Australia -  ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre)  

In New Zealand - CERT NZ (Computer Emergency Response Team)