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Fast Facts

Singapore is a dynamic city-state on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Despite being one of the world’s smallest nations, it is a major global commercial hub – with the world’s fourth biggest financial center and one of the five busiest ports worldwide.  It is also regarded as the principle medical research center in South East Asia.

  • Multiethnic population
    • Chinese 74.2%,
    • Malay 13.3%,
    • Indian 9.2%,
    • Other 3.3
  • English is an official language
  • Strong history of medical research innovation and excellence
  • High regulatory and ethical standards
  • Internationally trained doctors and medical personnel
  • World-class healthcare divided into public and private sectors
  • Eight public hospitals, six national specialty hospitals, and over 10 private hospitals.

Health Trends

Healthcare in Singapore is among the world’s best. Singapore has the 4th highest life expectancy and the lowest infant mortality rate of any nation. An aging population has seen an increase in lifestyle and age-related diseases, although obesity remains low.

High prevalence diseases include:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Pneumonia
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension.

Clinical Trial Landscape

Singapore is a regional medical hub with a world-class health care system and dynamic research culture. Singapore has a long history of clinical trial involvement and plays a strategic role in developing GCP in Asia as the secretariat for the APEC Coordinating Centre for Good Clinical Practice (GCP). 

Clinical trials are regulated by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) and reviewed by central or domain IRBs.

The average timeline for regulatory and IRB approval is ~2-3 months.

Market Snapshot

5.5 million people

100% reside in urban centers

95.9% literacy rate

Singapore population age breakdown for pharma companies thinking of using a clinical research organization
  • Novotech opened its first Singaporean contract research organization (CRO) office in 2009

Why choose Singapore for clinical research?

There are many compelling reasons to consider contract research organizations in Singapore for your clinical research:

  • Global and regional KOLs in various specialties, such as cardiology, respiratory, oncology, endocrinology
  • Regional clinical research hub
  • Regulatory and Ethics submission in English, and in parallel process
  • Efficient regulatory processes
  • Transparent Ethics and Regulatory guidelines, ease in performing submissions
  • Good infrastructure for clinical trials: most institutions have dedicated Clinical Trials Research Units with full-time Research Coordinators to support the Investigators
  • Most Investigators and Research Coordinators are GCP trained
  • Four Established Phase I units.