Our Keys to Boost Your Success

  • Cost: Predictable budget plan for your ongoing clinical pipeline.
  • Flexibility: Quickly scale-up/-down to meet changing needs of clinical resources.
  • Control: Keep strategical control of your assets with tactical functional outsourcing model.
  • Quality: Standard process to ensure high quality staff being recruited.
  • Commitment: The sponsor-flex relationship is built on shared culture, same goal and mutual-commitment.

Model Structure & Features

A variety of options to offer the possibility to co-design their model of choice.

  • Insourcing FTE
    • On-demand on/of-site resources
    • Individual contributors - CV-based selection (varies by country)
    • Light administrative LM oversight (1:30)
    • At least one year contract
  • FSP Line Manager
    • More resources (more than 10FTE)
    • Direct line of management
    • Ability to include functional oversight
    • Aligned and integrated metrics
  • FSP Outsource (Functional oversight, Unit-based)
    • Longer commitment, often 3-5 years (study duration)
    • Sole provider of services
    • Functional oversight
    • Including unit-based: deliverables on outcome
    • Responsibility transfer toward Novotech
  • FSP Plus
    • Access to global SMEs
    • Coordinated multi-functional and/or technology and data enabled
    • Co-design, integration and optimalization of SOPs and workflows
    • Access to full service non-dedicated expertise supported by dedicated resources