New Zealand Map Area
  • High-quality research, facilities and equipment
  • Fast set-up and approval times
  • Sponsor can claim R&D, cash refund
  • Advanced medical and research infrastructure
  • Simple and fast regulatory pathways

Importantly, New Zealand also offer alternative recruitment potential to northern hemisphere seasonally related studies.

Recently the activity growth of biotechnology companies in New Zealand grew about +18%, with oncology, neurology and infectious diseases representing about half of the clinical activity.

Novotech has built strong expertise over the years in providing CRO services to biotechnology companies in New Zealand.
New Zealand has a prestigious reputation in medical research, producing internationally acclaimed researchers and innovations. The country has 8 teaching and research hospitals and the population is centered around regional and urban cities.

Clinical trials are run by internationally accepted GCP standards and monitored by HDEC and Medsafe bodies. New Zealand offers fast trial reviews within 35 days or 15 days for expedited reviews.


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