The people at novotech are what makes our workplace culture great. 

We embrace open communication and a horizontal organisational structure that encourages inter-country and inter-department collaboration and knowledge-sharing. We are proud of our inclusive culture and committed to always looking for ways to improve and remain a leader in workplace flexibility and gender equality.

We are continually making progress towards reaching our ambitions and goals and we monitor progress through regular reporting. We have established a workplace flexibility and employment equality steering group chaired by the CEO, with senior executive participants and broad employee representation to embed an equal opportunity culture across our business.

Our work culture is driven by our values, every day

There are many reasons people love working at Novotech, but when you join it will be our open, inclusive, and flexible work culture that you notice first. We know to continually deliver best-in-class outcomes for clients and patients, we need to support our people to realise their professional and personal goals.

Our work culture is driven by our values, every day. From our flexible work policy to career development or recognition and learning and development, our values are inherent.

Novotech – an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality

At Novotech we are deeply committed to fostering an inclusive workplace culture, where all employees are valued and compensated equitably for their contributions, regardless of gender. While we are proud to be an industry leader in workplace gender equality, we acknowledge the existence of a gender pay gap. We recognise that closing this gap requires proactive measures through clear policies, transparent reporting, and internal accountability for change, to ensure pay equity across our organisation. This includes implementing initiatives to promote gender diversity in leadership positions and providing equal opportunities for career advancement and development for all employees.  

We have a responsibility to drive meaningful change that will directly impact the industry and communities in which we operate. Creating a more equitable workplace is not only the right thing to do, but it also benefits our organisation by nurturing a more engaged, motivated, and productive workforce. We are dedicated to remaining an industry leader in driving positive change and will continue to work diligently towards achieving gender pay equity at Novotech. 

As an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality, we are committed to driving sustainable change across Novotech. Scroll to find out more about our key objectives for diversity and inclusion at Novotech.


Reach a 0% gender pay gap by 2025

By striving for gender balance at all levels of our organisation and implementing strategies to close the gap in all geographies and reporting on initiatives and progress to employees regularly.

Extend our commitment to diversity and inclusion to gender equality and beyond

Implementing initiatives and programs to support operations across multiple geographies to proactively foster an inclusive working environment for all.

Be an industry leader in people and culture

Deliver people and culture initiatives that contribute to team member growth and development and sustainable talent attraction and retention strategies to meet long-term growth goals.

Increase engagement across our teams for gender equality and inclusion

Promote our activities and initiatives internally to empower individuals to drive change within their teams and locations to contribute to sustainable change across the organisation.

Influence change across our industry for gender equality, diversity and inclusion

Promote our initiatives, programs and commitment to gender quality and inclusion externally to influence change across the biotech and research sector and support our team members to develop sustainable working arrangements.


WGEA Award - Employer of Choice for Gender Equality

Novotech has received a number of workplace awards.

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