Boston, USA - Novotech, the leading Asia Pacific centred biotech CRO with global execution capabilities has been selected for the prestigious CRO Leadership Award 2023 for exceeding biotech customer expectations in the “Compatibility” category. 

The award will be officially presented at the 2023 CRO Leadership Awards Ceremony, June 27th in Boston.

The global award is presented by biotech industry media group Clinical Leader and Life Science Leader “to provide readers with accurate and reliable customer feedback to assist them in choosing a reputable CRO partner”. 

The awards are determined by data from research partner ISR Reports which conducts an annual CRO Quality Benchmarking survey of 46 contract research organizations (CROs) assessed on 20+ performance metrics.
According to the award organizers: “Respondents only evaluate companies with which they have worked on an outsourced project within the past 18 months. This level of qualification ensures that survey responses are based on actual involvement with CROs and clear experiential data”.

Novotech CEO Dr. John Moller thanked the team at Clinical Leader and Life Science Leader and data partners ISR Reports. 

“We are extremely pleased that this CRO Leadership award is the result of surveying our global biotech customers. We are thrilled with the positive feedback in the CRO Quality Benchmarking survey,” he said.

He commended the Novotech team across the US, Europe and Asia Pacific for the exceptional customer response in the CRO Quality Benchmarking survey.

Dr. Moller said it was especially significant to be recognized in the Compatibility category for CRO Leadership.

“This is aligned with our biotech customer partnership model. With our expanded service offerings in US and Europe, our Drug Development Consulting expertise, and our lean operating model, we are a proven clinical development partner for biotechs from pre-clinical through registration.

Novotech offers biotechs a unique and unparalleled suite of early to late-phase CRO services across the US and Europe, with a foundation in Asia Pacific where the company has built a reputation for delivering high-quality expedited clinical trials.

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Novotech is internationally recognized as the leading Asia Pacific centred Biotech Contract Research Organization (CRO) with global execution capabilities.

Novotech is a clinical CRO with labs, phase I facilities, drug development consulting services and FDA regulatory expertise and has experience in over 5,000 clinical projects, including Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials and bioequivalence studies. Novotech is positioned to serve biotech clients conducting clinical trials in Asia Pacific, the US and Europe. Novotech has over 3000 staff globally and 34 office locations.

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