Novotech kicks off Phase Ib trials in Australia and NZ for OncoMed

3rd November, 2010 12.09 PM

US biopharma, OncoMed, to start trials for pancreatic, advanced colorectal and lung cancer in Australia and New Zealand through CRO Novotech.

California-based biopharma company, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, has announced it will run three Phase Ib clinical trials in Australia and New Zealand testing its humanised monoclonal antibody therapies for cancer.

The three separate trials, which have begun enrollment, are targeting patients pancreatic cancer, advanced colorectal cancer, and non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

OncoMed's treatments use monoclonal antibodies to target specific biologic pathways that are critical to tumour initiating cells, or so-called 'cancer stem cells'.

The trials will be run in Australia and New Zealand through the Sydney-based contract research organisation, Novotech.

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