Singapore and Charleston, SC - Novotech, the leading Asia-Pacific biotech specialist CRO, has acquired US CRO NCGS as part of a service expansion program for its global base of clients.

Novotech, which has a reputation for delivering full-service, high-quality expedited clinical trials in Asia-Pacific, can now offer its biotech clients clinical services in the US to support later phase global studies. 

NCGS, established in 1984 in South Carolina, is a privately held CRO with a biopharma client base.  NCGS has a workforce of about 300 professionals across the US.

Novotech CEO Dr. John Moller said “We are very pleased to acquire such an impressive company with a strong history of quality and delivery in the United States.. The company’s growth is a real credit to the knowledge and expertise of founder Nancy Snowden and the exceptional team she has formed”.

“This is a strategic move to provide US-based expertise and infrastructure for our US clients wanting trials in APAC and the US, and for our APAC clients wanting US clinical programs.” 

“Clients will receive seamless service, with a unified approach to systems and SOPs well developed” Moller said. 

Nancy C.G. Snowden, Founder and CEO of NCGS said the company was excited about being part of the Novotech operations globally and supporting Novotech’s clients  with their US clinical programs. We have a similar cultural fit and focus on excellence so joining Novotech will be seamless for our clients and Novotech’s clients. “Novotech and NCGS have a longstanding collaboration history of over a decade which will also support the seamless integration”, Snowden commented.

“NCGS focuses on complex areas of clinical development; oncology, hematology, infectious disease, and CNS in both adult and pediatric populations. 

Our lean organizational structure, nimble operational model with utilization of highly tenured staff have been specifically designed to overcome the challenges inhibiting our industry today. We have the ability to pivot in real time as the needs of the trial evolve.”

Novotech serves biotechs globally leveraging deep relationships built with hundreds of Asia-Pacific sites over the last 25 years.  NCGS compliments this with a broad US site base of hundreds of investigators with relationships spanning nearly four decades. 

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关于 Novotech

Novotech(诺为泰)成立于 1997 年,立足亚太,面向全球,是专业的生物技术合同研究组织(CRO)。

诺为泰因其在行业内的突出贡献而备受赞誉,曾荣获多项殊荣,其中包括 2023 年 CRO 领导力奖 (CRO Leadership Award 2023) 、2023 年亚太地区细胞与基因治疗临床试验卓越奖 (Asia Pacific Cell & Gene Therapy Clinical Trials Excellence 2023)和自 2006 年以来蝉联亚太地区合同研究组织年度公司奖 (Asia-Pacific Contract Research Organization Company of the Year Award)。

诺为泰是一家包含实验室、Ⅰ期临床中心、药物开发咨询服务和专业FDA法规服务的临床CRO,拥有超5,000 项临床项目经验,包括Ⅰ期至Ⅳ期临床试验。Novotech专注于服务在亚太、美国与欧洲等地进行临床试验的生物技术客户。Novotech目前在全球34个办公地点共拥有3000多名员工。