Shanghai, China, 30 September, 2014 | Novotech, Australia’s largest clinical CRO with offices throughout Asia, announced today the expansion of services to China with a Novotech office in Shanghai, a wholly owned entity with local staff.

Shanghai is the ninth Novotech office in Asia.

Novotech has a proven track record in the region and is sought out by biotech and pharma companies for its specialist clinical research services, and access to its diverse patient populations across Asia.

The CRO has been actively involved in hundreds of drug development programs for US and EU registration over the past 18 years.

Novotech Asia COO, Dr. John Moller said China is now the largest clinical trial destination in Asia, and the 5th largest in the world.

“China’s increasingly sophisticated clinical trial infrastructure and its 1.36 billion population with a high incidence of chronic diseases, makes it a compelling choice for our EU and USA biotech and pharma clients,” said Dr. Moller.

“The sheer numbers and scale in China is unprecedented. We are seeing hospital-based clinical trial units with up to 4,000 beds,” said Dr. Moller.

Dr. Moller said Novotech was encouraged also by China’s commitment to growing the research sector with an USD$18 billion funding allocation for biotech and pharma as part of their 5-year plan.

Novotech CEO Alek Safarian said feedback and demand from Novotech’s USA and EU biotech and pharma sponsors was the driver to start offering its world- class research services in China.

“China spends $63 billion on pharmaceuticals annually so biotechs and pharma companies are naturally keen to establish a presence early in the development pipeline,” said Safarian.

Novotech is an internationally recognized full service CRO known for its experience across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South Africa, representing emerging markets with a population base of over 3 billion people.

About Novotech

Novotech has a strong presence in the Asia Pacific region, running clinical trials in all key regional markets including China, India, Australia, Taiwan and Korea. Novotech also has offices in South Africa.

Novotech also has worldwide reach through the company's network of strategic partners. Novotech - described by Frost & Sullivan as the best in its industry class for Australia-based CROs and recipient of the ARCS ANZ Clinical Trials award in 2013 for “Best CRO” - brings its global reputation for high quality service and regional expertise to the high-growth Asia Pacific area. For more information, please visit

Novotech provides the following clinical development services across all clinical trial phases and therapeutic areas including Feasibility assessments; Ethics Committee and submissions, clinical monitoring, data management, statistical analysis, report write-up to ICH requirements, project management and vendor management.

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