Boston, USA - Novotech, the global full-service clinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) that partners with biotech companies to accelerate the development of advanced and novel therapeutics at every phase, has released a comprehensive research report entitled Epilepsy - Global Clinical Trial Landscape

Drawing on Novotech’s extensive expertise and global network this report presents a databacked review of the epilepsy funding landscape, trial density and patient recruitment data across geographies, standard of care and emerging therapies, recent USFDA approvals, and regulatory trends. Importantly it also includes an in-depth SWOT analysis, to guide biotech firms on strategic decision-making, and research opportunities, and challenges.

Epilepsy, a chronic neurological disorder affecting individuals of all ages and characterized by recurrent seizures, affects an estimated 46 million people worldwide. 

The report sheds light on the distribution of epilepsy cases across different regions, highlighting hotspots such as South Asia, East Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. 

Despite ongoing research efforts, the cause of epilepsy remains unknown in 50% of cases, presenting a significant challenge in treatment and management, as well as research targets for the biotech sector. However, with appropriate antiepileptic medications, up to 70% of individuals can achieve seizure-free status. 

The Epilepsy - Global Clinical Trial Landscape report found that in the past 5 years the global biopharma sector has initiated more than 4,000 clinical trials for epilepsy.

  •  Asia-Pacific has the majority of epilepsy trials at 35% 
  • Europe and North America are at 30% and 27% respectively 
  • ROW is 8% 
  • China (30%), Germany (8%) and the United States (72%) led clinical trial initiation within their respective regions 

The report provides insights into the standard of care for epilepsy, emphasizing the role of anticonvulsant therapy in seizure management. From monotherapy to non-pharmacological interventions such as ketogenic diets and neurostimulation devices, the report outlines comprehensive approaches to epilepsy treatment, considering factors such as patient demographics, comorbidities, and therapeutic efficacy. 

The rise of drug-resistant epilepsy has also spurred innovation with recent research focusing on tailored therapies, new drug targets, and non-pharmacological interventions. Advancements in technology have led to novel strategies such as Neurostimulation devices like Responsive Neurostimulation (RNS), Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS), and Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), offering alternatives for non-responsive patients. 

Further key findings from the report include: 

  • Trial Density: The Asia-Pacific region exhibits a lower competing trial risk, indicating the potential for increased research engagement in the region. 
  • Patient Recruitment Landscape: Single-country trials in the Asia-Pacific region have shown shorter median recruitment durations and faster recruitment rates compared to the United States and Europe, emphasizing the region's efficiency in conducting clinical trials. 
  • Drug Discovery Landscape: With 46 drugs in preclinical stages, 19 in Phase I, 21 in Phase II, and 7 in Phase III, the epilepsy drug development pipeline demonstrates promising advancements in treatment options. 
  • SWOT Analysis: Finds a range of challenges and opportunities such as drug-resistant epilepsy, quality of life of patients, ongoing research focus of biomarkers, and advancements in research and technology. 

Venture capital funding for epilepsy research showed a positive trend from 2019 to 2023 with the United States topping the list, contributing $1555.3 million, followed by Switzerland, China, South Korea, and Singapore contributed $214.4 million, $213.0 million, $75.2 million, and $18.0 million, respectively. The Novotech research analyst team provides these expert reports on a monthly basis, completely free of charge. These reports offer current insights into global clinical trial activity, revealing which regions experience the highest trial volumes and the unique factors behind these trends. They tackle the potential and real hurdles faced by biotech firms in specific therapeutic areas in the hopes to positively impact and inform clinical trial decision making, eventually improving rates of success with new treatments. 

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