Novotech Wins CRO Contract for Komipharm Coronavirus Covid-19 Clinical Trial in South Korea

Seoul, South Korea - Asia-Pacific’s largest specialist biotech CRO Novotech has been selected for the Komipharm International clinical trials of Panaphix as a potential treatment for coronavirus – Covid-19 on 26th. Feb.

Komipharm says Panaphix is a cytokine storm inhibitor that restrains the overproduction of immune cells and their activating compounds, cytokines. It is thought than an overproduction of immune cells and their signalling molecules causes the severe inflammatory disease such as pneumonia in some individuals.

The company said it seeks to expand the use of Panaphix to cover COVID-19 treatment through this proposed clinical trial.

Novotech CEO Dr John Moller said Novotech was well positioned to partner with Komipharm International on an important drug trial that is having a particularly strong impact in Asia Pacific.

Novotech has offices in eleven locations throughout Asia Pacific. He said Novotech’s model of having experienced local leadership, the ability to engage with regulators and strong relationships with Key Opinion Leaders and sites in the region will allow it to accelerate this trial.

Novotech undertakes a large number of infectious diseases trials and has particularly strong relationships in this area. Novotech has conducted over 200 projects in Infectious diseases and Vaccines. Many biotechnology companies look at the Asia-Pacific region for their trials in Infectious diseases and Vaccines due to the high prevalence of diseases such as Hepatitis (Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C), HIV and Influenza across the region.

Novotech recently won the Australian-Korean Business Awards 2020 - Award for Excellence, in the category Biotech and Health.

Over the last 12 months Novotech has signed several formal partnerships with key hospitals in the country, including Seoul National University, Asan Medical Center, Yonsei University Severance Hospital, and Ulsan University Hospital, to facilitate the project management of clinical trials and accelerate biotech drug development.

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