Asia-Pacific has record year for clinical trials according to Novotech

San Francisco, CA – Novotech the largest biotech CRO in the Asia-Pacific said the region has had a record year for number of studies, experienced world-class sites and investigators, and patient enrolment.

Novotech released its Asia-Pacific Industry Data Highlights 2019-2020 during the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference week in San Franciscoas part of its Biotech Industry Briefing session to more than 50 industry leaders wanting to know more about the benefits of conducting research in the Asia-Pacific.

The industry briefing will cover Asia’s:

  • vast patient pools
  • high-quality infrastructure
  • lower trial concentration
  • comparable quality and lower costs
  • a key destination for biotech companies for later phase trials

Novotech will also emphasize the benefit of running trials with regional CRO partners in the context of multi-region trials.

The Asia-Pacific Industry Data Highlights 2019-2020 

Novotech CEO Dr John Moller said the Asia-Pacific is now recognised by clinical phase biotechnology companies for accelerated patient enrolment - especially in rare diseases, metabolic conditions, oncology, immuno-oncology and infectious diseases - and lower clinical research costs, combined with some of the most experienced investigators and research teams.

Dr Moller said there was also good news that most clinical phase biotechs would be eligible for a 40%+ cash rebate on clinic research spend which has been preserved as an incentive for conducting clinical research in Australia.

“We are also finding most Asia-Pacific countries are now very focussed on more efficient registration and approval processes with a raft of significant improvements introduced in countries like China and South Korea in 2019. We are making sure our clients know about these changes that will save them valuable time and funds.”

He said Novotech was also seeing a trend towards small to mid-size biotechs increasingly looking at partnering with CROs with a similar size and mindset.

Novotech has been expanding in the region to meet the growing demand, increasing staff numbers by over +20% in 2019 across Asia-Pacific, and a strategic partnership with PPC Group (PPC).

The partnership creates the largest biotech specialist CRO group in the Asia-Pacific, bringing together approximately 1,200 staff with significant scale and synergies across countries, research institutions, trial phases, therapeutic areas and functional specialities.

Novotech clients also have access to more than 350 clinical and operations staff across 28 cities in mainland China.

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