Novotech, the leading Asia Pacific biotech specialist CRO, has again received “Best Workplace” certification by the leading workplace culture organization Great Place to Work Institute. Novotech’s India team has received a Best Workplaces for Women 2022 recognition and listed in the Top 75 organisations in India recognised for excelling people practices, responsiveness to feedback and a culture of openness and diversity.   

Novotech also holds Great Place to Workplace recognition in Australia and Korea.

To identify India’s Best Workplaces for Women 2022, Great Place to Work India studied 1122 organizations that had: 

  • Women employees constituting at least 10% of their workforce
  • Women employees sharing at least 70% positive feedback on the Great Place to Work Trust Index Organizations that excelled in gender parity in representation

According to Great Place to Work India:

“We have observed that the Best Workplaces have gone above and beyond to create and sustain aspirational organizations. 

We congratulate Novotech for being a role-model in India by fostering an equal and equitable workplace culture.”

Novotech CEO Dr. John Moller said: 

“As a leading employer of women in India we are extremely pleased to be ranked among the top companies in India as a Best Workplaces for Women 2022. This is especially important for retaining and attracting top talent.” 

This recognition demonstrates the importance of culture, diversity and work life balance as we strive to be one of the leading employers so we can deliver our world-class CRO services across India.” 

Novotech’s Chief People Officer Angela Edwardson said:

“We are delighted that Novotech India has been recognized as a leading employer for women. This is a real credit to our workplace culture and leadership that drives all our Asia Pacific and North American teams.  

Novotech attracts a high proportion of talented female employees, so we are extremely proud to have our workplace recognized using the criteria from the Great Place to Work Institute’s Trust Index and the Gender Parity in Experience & Representation.

Our continued focus on building a leading workplace means team members can balance their personal responsibilities with work during all stages of life.”

According to Yooni Kim, Vice President, Global Clinical Services Novotech:

“Employees are the most valuable assets of a company.  Novotech is dedicated to improving our working environment and enhance employee health and wellbeing. We are more than grateful to receive this recognition.” 

Sridevi Gubbala, Manager Centralized Document Management Novotech said: 

“Novotech is a great place to work. It’s wonderful to have flexibility at work because it helps me balance my work and personal life.” 

Vandana Jaising, Manager Project Support joined Novotech after an extended career break and said: 

“Women should consider coming back, even if it is has been a while. Before joining Novotech I took an eight-year career break, and now I’m glad Novotech had the confidence in me to say ‘YES! You can do it!”

Novotech has operations across Asia Pacific and the US offering a unique and unparalleled suite of CRO services for early to late phase biotech clinical research.

Novotech has recently been benchmarked as a top 10 CRO among the world’s leading CROs, is a finalist in the prestigious Scrip awards, and has just been awarded the Gene & Cell Therapy Excellence Award. 

In Asia Pacific Novotech has more than 50 Leading Site Partnership agreements with major medical research institutions which delivers exclusive benefits for sponsors.

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