Novotech, the award-winning Asia-Pacific CRO, with 23 years of experience in the region, has further strengthened its presence in South Korea with two major hospitals joining the Novotech partnership program - bringing more quality investigators, KOLs, and up to 4 million patients.

The 900 bed Ulsan University Hospital (UUH) and the Hepatology Division in Gastroenterology, Department of Internal Medicine, part of the 1,778 bed Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH), are now in the Novotech CRO partnership program, further strengthening Novotech’s clinical service capabilities in South Korea.

South Korea is a fast-growing destination for clinical studies with quality infrastructure, world-class medical and hospital facilities, as well as supportive rapid start-up regulations. Last year, South Korea has been the most active country in clinical research in Asia after China, with over 400 sites opened by biopharmas companies.

There are now 19 leading hospitals and medical facilities across the region that are part of the Novotech CRO clinical partnership program.

Ulsan University Hospital with 309 doctors, 746,932 outpatients, and 315,774 inpatients a year, is affiliated with Ulsan University College of Medicine and is considered a leading cancer treatment and organ transplantation facility, as well as a centre for clinical, research and training.

Seoul National University with 1,390 doctors, 2,256,180 outpatients and 609,545 inpatients a year, is one of the oldest and biggest hospitals in South Korea, with a large patient pool, and an experienced early phase studies clinical team.

Novotech is well established in the region with offices in 11 countries and more than 550 staff.

Novotech CEO Dr John Moller said increasingly biotech clients were running their Phase I studies in Australia and benefiting from the 41% R&D tax credit, then moving into Asia for the next phases.

“Having the same company that knows and understands the study as it transitions into Asia is always reassuring for clients,” he said.

“Novotech of course uses the very latest in Oracle and Medidata technology, so seamlessly connects with global clinical partners,” he said.

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