Beijing/Shanghai, China – Award-winning Asia-Pacific specialist CRO Novotech is presenting to biotechs and clinical specialists in Shanghai and Beijing this week with support from Austrade.

The Novotech CRO China team as well as Novotech CEO John Moller will present in an exclusive Executive Briefing on the benefits of working with Novotech as the leading and most experienced CRO with 23 years in the region.

The Asia-Pacific in particular China is in high-demand for biotech clinical research:

“A global migration of clinical research is occurring from high-income countries to low and middle-income countries with emerging economies.

Novotech is increasingly working with promising Chinese biotech companies looking to accelerate their clinical development by taking advantage of the Australian environment.

Novotech CEO Dr John Moller said China offers the largest population in the world, rapid economic growth, and an increasing willingness by government to invest in research and development.

Key China Facts

  • Relatively homogenous population (92% Han Chinese)
  • Over 750 global companies have research centers in China
  • Regulatory framework increasingly emulating the FDA structure
  • Government pledge to dedicate USD18 billion to emerging biotechnologies in latest five-year plan
  • Largest clinical research market in Asia and 5th largest clinical research market in the world.
  • The China National Medical Products Administration (previously CFDA) is the main regulatory body in China.
  • Evaluation of biologics is stringent requiring assessment by and approved evaluation center.
  • The average timeline for regulatory approval is now about 8 months compared with up to 24 months previously.



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