July 26, 2024



Current Status and Prospects of Advanced Therapies in China

Don't miss this webinar where you'll hear a panel of experts discuss a number of important topics, including:

  • Focus on the progress, information and opportunities of gene therapy related to rare diseases in China;
  • Focus on the innovative research and development, safety and broad market prospects of radiopharmaceuticals;
  • Align with regional cooperation with Southeast Asia and look forward to the future of various emerging vaccines;
  • Gain insight into the trends, influence, and unlimited potential of advanced therapies in China.

This webinar will provide you with an overview of the progress and future of advanced therapies in China. Whether you are a professional, investigator or investor in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry, this conference will provide you with the expertise and insights to unlock the blue ocean of advanced therapies. 


Dr. Qingxian Kong

Dr. Qingxian Kong

CMO, Chengdu New Radiomedicine Technology Co., Ltd.

Dr. Kong joined Chengdu New Radiomedicine Technology Co., Ltd. in 2023 as Chief Medical Officer.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University and a PhD in Medical Oncology from Roswell Park Cancer Center.

He has many years of experience as an oncology radiotherapist at Fudan Cancer Hospital in Shanghai, and more than 20 years of medical-related work and management experience in Biotech and MNCs. He has served as Global Product Head of Medical Affairs at Novartis; VP of Clinical Oncology at Hengrui; CMO & Group VP at Qilu; and CMO at IASO Bio etc.

He is familiar with the submission strategy of CDE & FDA, and the R&D progress of novel drugs worldwide. He is deeply involved in multidisciplinary fields such as oncology, immunology, hematology, etc., and has rich experience in the clinical R&D of novel drugs and biosimilars around the globe.

Dr. Xiaoye He

Dr. Xiaoye He

Head of Medical & PV, Novotech China

Dr. Xiaoye He, Head of Medical & PV at Novotech China, holds an MD and PhD in Internal Medicine from Fudan University.  With over 13 years of clinical practice as a senior attending physician, Dr. He brings a rich experience in various therapeutic areas.

In her career spanning more than a decade in the global CRO industry, she has been involved in R&D strategy consulting, protocol design deliberations, and medical monitoring across multiple Phase I to IV global and local clinical trials.

Over 6 years’ management experience of leading APAC and China medical team, Dr. He has an extensive clinical trial experience in several therapeutic areas, including respiratory, endocrinology and rare diseases, etc.

Chris Chong

Chris Chong

Senior Director Clinical Services, Novotech

Chris joined Novotech as Clinical Team Leader in Aug 2013, to manage Hong Kong office from inception. He led expansion of Hong Kong team, positioning the company as one of active players in clinical research industry. He also had an exposure to China and Taiwan for around 1 year. Since 2022, he has headed the operations teams across Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and oversees the Clinical Lead function at department level.

Chris has over 16 years industry experience in multiple settings including CRO, pharmaceutical and academic. In his career, he led various initiatives to improve efficiency and delivery, including the most recent one on implementing changes for trial subject recruitment.

Chris holds a Master of Social Sciences degree from the University of Hong Kong