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Fast Facts

One of the ‘Four Asian Tigers’ with a world-class medical system; Taiwan is well established as a premier clinical research location with a rich diversity of ethnic groups.

  • Multiethnic Chinese population
  • Strong history of medical research innovation and excellence
  • Strong regulatory and ethical standards
  • Internationally trained doctors and medical personnel
  • World-class healthcare.

Health Trends

Taiwan has a sophisticated, universal healthcare system with high-quality facilities. As a result, the major causes of illness are non-communicable diseases.

High prevalence diseases include:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Pneumonia
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension.

Clinical Trial Landscape

Taiwan hosts hundreds of clinical research sites, providing the highest quality medical care and clinical data, while remaining cost-effective compared to Western countries. The country also has one of fastest regulatory and ethical submissions processes in the region.

Clinical trials in Taiwan are regulated by the Taiwan FDA, Ministry of Health and Welfare - who establish and enforce compliance with ICH-GCP standards.

A clinical study can be submitted and reviewed by the individual IRB of each institute or by a Joint IRB (JIRB). For a multiple-center study, a Central IRB (c-IRB) will facilitate the submission and review process.

The average timeline for regulatory and IRB approval is ~2 - 4 months.

Market Snapshot

23.3  million people

8 million reside in the capital, Taipei

96.1% literacy rate

Taiwan population age breakdown for pharma companies thinking of using a clinical research organization
  • Novotech opened its first Taiwanese contract research organization (CRO) office in 2011

Why choose Taiwan for clinical research?

There are many compelling reasons to consider contract research organizations in Taiwan for your clinical research:

  • Concentrated patient population
  • Fast regulatory and ethical submissions process
  • Strong regulatory infrastructure up to ICH level
  • GCP-trained clinical professionals fluent in both English and Chinese
  • English medical records
  • Medical cost is relatively low compared to that in US, Europe and some other Asia countries
  • Regular inspections or audits conducted by Taiwan FDA and ECs to ensure quality control.