CRM Trial Connect

Location: Kuala Lumpur


Event description:

CRM Trial Connect is a one-stop event for Malaysia’s multinational clinical trials that highlights clinical research excellence and innovations in clinical trials.

As the leading Asia Pacific centred Biotech CRO, Novotech has established strong clinical teams in Malaysia with deep local knowledge and partnered with key specialist hospital and research facilities to deliver quality CRO services to biotech companies.

If you are interested to learn more about leveraging Malaysia’s regional advantages (large and diverse multiethnic population, streamlined regulatory system, fast start-up timelines, low patient costs and IRB fees) to support your global clinical development plans, book a meeting with our Novotech team (Su Lyn Yip and Lucy Loo) attending CRM Trial Connect.

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Meet Our Team

Novotech Kuala Lumpur

Su Lyn Yip

Novotech Kuala Lumpur
Director Clinical Services
Novotech Kuala Lumpur

Lucy Loo

Novotech Kuala Lumpur
Clinical Operations Manager

Plus experts from our China, Drug Development, and global Commercial teams.