Clinical Trials in Asia – 10 Years on

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Clinical Trials in Asia – 10 Years on
Dr Edmund Tsuei

In 2004, I authored an article entitled “Clinical Trials in Asia: A Promising Picture” on the potential of Asia as a significant contributor to global clinical drug development. The article was published in the Ernst and Young Annual Global Pharmaceutical Report – Progression 2005 (1)

It was concluded in that article that “Asia has the potential to develop into a major region to address the current need for cost and time effective global drug development. It is important for the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory agencies, academia, institutions and investigators to continue to work together to fully develop its potential.” This paper examines how far Asia has come in achieving its potential.

I’ll discuss:

Current Contribution of Asia in Global Drug Clinical Development Drug Development Issues
Recruitment Speed Costs
Quality Ethics Reviews
Regulatory Approval Global Pharmaceutical Market

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