Corporate Vision recognizes Novotech with Corporate Excellence Awards for Outstanding Asia-Pacific CRO

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In its latest edition, leading business magazine Corporate Vision Magazine (CV Magazine) has featured Novotech as most Outstanding Full-Service CRO of the Year 2019 - Asia Pacific.

The Corporate Excellence Awards winners are handpicked by CV Magazine and are based purely on the comprehensive analysis of both qualitative and quantitative research conducted independently.

In its coverage, CV Magazine explained Novotech works with biotechnology companies and healthcare professionals to provide clinical trial management services for biotech companies across all trial phases and therapeutic areas in the Asia-Pacific region.

CV Magazine further highlighted that Novotech has recently partnered together with PPC group, creating the largest biotech CRO specialist in the Asia-Pacific region. The partnership was built to meet the growing biotech demand in the region, and further strengthened the group as the leading biotech CRO provider in the Asia-Pacific region across numerous therapeutic areas including:

  • Oncology, immuno-oncology and hemato-oncology
  • Orphan and rare diseases
  • Liver diseases
  • Infectious diseases
  • Dermatology
  • Clinical and regulatory consulting

CV Magazine identified how Novotech assists numerous biotechnology companies in navigating the clinical trials complexities, helping them moving their drug pipeline forward while controlling costs and clinical development timelines. All the staff employed by Novotech have extensive experience working across numerous medical areas, including infectious diseases and vaccines, haematology, oncology and immuno-oncology, neurology and psychiatry, orphan and rare diseases.

Biotechnology companies look to Australia and Asia to accelerate their clinical research programs with patient profiles that cannot easily be found outside of the region. However, because of their relatively small size these biotechnology companies lack on-the-ground expertise and in-house resources to handle such critical projects locally.

The award judges also considered the clinical consulting capability offered by Novotech through BioDesk as a key feature. With increasingly challenging protocols and study design, setting a clear and long-term drug development plan has become critical for biotechnology companies. Novotech assists biotechnology companies with product development advice including toxicology, CMC and FDA/EMA regulatory consulting to accelerate development with controlled costs.

Aside from its successes in China, Novotech also continued its strong presence in South Korea. More specifically, Novotech’s team size in South Korea has increased by about +30% in 2019 and is expected to reach 60 staff on the ground in early 2020. Also, Novotech ranked first in terms of early phase clinical trial initiations, as measured by the number of IND approvals from the Korean regulatory body (MFDS).